About The Collection

Welcome to the interactive website of a private collection of rare and vintage perfumery!

Ma Belle Jeunesse - my fine Youth

This website is created for demonstration of a private collection of perfumery aromas, perfumery bottles and accessories for perfumery, for expansion and improvement of a collection, for cooperation and extension of contacts with other collectors and specialists in the field of perfumery, for knowledge sharing about collecting objects, for promoting of a collecting of perfumery as conventional cultural value.

On the website the private collection of vintage and rare aromas which gathered from the middle of the 1990th to the middle of the 2000th years is provided.

Items of the collection were correctly and carefully stored for last years therefore their safety is ideal. Details on packaging and bottles and fine aromas of content will not allow to doubt authenticity of items of the collection.

The collection is extensive and images on the website periodically are replenished.

On the website you can look through photos of items of the collection.

Visit a page of the item of the collection chosen by you and thumb through all its images in gallery.

Use the magnifying glass function and consider a collection subject in detail. To use "magnifying glass" in the following photo cause it click, then click a dark background of gallery and the chosen photo will appear in a viewport with "magnifying glass".

You can deliver "like" to an item of the collection, having visited its page and having left a comment about it.

You can share the impressions about the aromatkh and stories related, to tell about yours and other collections of perfumery in the Blog of the website.

You can take part in polls on subjects of a collecting of perfumery and to recognize general opinion of survey participants in the section of the website by survey results Vote.

You can read interesting articles and learn news about a collecting and collectors of perfumery in the section of News.

You can ask the questions, to leave offers on cooperation, on sale or an exchange of objects from your collection through the section of the website Contacts.

You can purchase objects from a collection which the price is specified. For this purpose add them to cart and arrange the order. You watch information on payment and delivery in the section Delivery and payment

It must be kept in mind that the objects purchased by you, are objects from a private collection of its owner and in case of all safety of consumer properties of bottles and their content have no status of goods for commercial sale.

The owner sells and exchanges objects from funds of a collection intended for an exchange or sale with the purpose to allocate the received money for expansion of a collection and its improvement, for content of a collection and its demonstration.

It is possible to get acquainted with conditions of acquisition of objects of a collection in the section in more detail

Conditions of acquisition of objects of Kolllektion